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Real Stories

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Great customer service. Nice people. My 5 year old wants to go back. After a bad experience last year with a different dentist, these were sweet words to a mother's ears. Thanks Dr. Wilson!!!

Katie Brodeur

Called this office in a panic today because my kids established pediatric dentist wasn't fitting my one year old in for a dental emergency because "they weren't an emergency room." What a huge difference with this office. They told me to come right in, helped me fill out the paperwork and kept my bubbly three year old busy (even Dr. Wilson got involved with the entertaining and let her come back into his office and hang out). When it came time to examine my son, Dr Wilson was amazing, friendly and kind, and explained everything in a way that I could understand. I not only feel like my children received exceptional care, but I also feel like this office honestly cared about us as a family. in a word: wonderful.

Jessica Dotts

My son had a great time for his first visit to the dentist. He felt very comfortable and at ease. Judy did a great job explaining what she was doing to his teeth for the cleaning. He says he loves going to the dentist. What a good way to start him off on the right mindset.

Timothy Rossignol

Everyone in the office was super friendly! As my daughter was having her teeth cleaned they let her hold "Mr. Thristy" (the suction) and allowed her to use when needed. My daughter loved her visit! Definitely a fantastic dentist!

Britta Nicole Marshall

I cannot say enough good things about Dr. Wilson and his assistant Ashley. They are amazing with kids, provide awesome customer service and went above and beyond for my family. I live in the Caribbean but grew up in NH and when visiting family decided to try and have my 3 and 6 year olds have some dental work done as we had been having terrible experiences on island. So not only did they work with my limited time frame but they took my 3 year old who had become anxious and fearful of the dentist and did some work on her with such patience and kindness she couldn't wait to go back. It was such a relief as a parent to see my girls taken care of and happy. Awesome, awesome, awesome office and staff. Many thanks to them!!!!!!

Jillian David