Helping Your Children Keep Their Breath Fresh
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Helping Your Children Keep Their Breath Fresh

Child plugging his noseChronic bad breath can be embarrassing and isolating. While breath mints, sprays, and minty gum can mask the symptoms temporarily, as long as the root cause still exists, the bad breath will continue.

Bad breath in childhood is usually caused by the buildup of bacteria in the mouth. When speaking or breathing, the air will pass over the bacteria, causing an odor. Luckily there are a few ways to help your child keep his or her breath fresh.

Eliminating Bad Breath

  • Good Oral Hygiene – You should make sure your child’s teeth and gums are brushed at least twice a day for two minutes at a time. Additionally, your child should be flossing at least once a day to eliminate any food debris between the teeth. Additionally, there are some anti-bacterial mouthwashes that are safe for children. 
  • Tongue Scraper – A tongue scraper helps to rid the mouth of bacteria that has built up on the tongue. These scrapers are disposable and used to scrape the tongue from back to front. You can also use a toothbrush to clean the tongue, but make sure you rinse the brush thoroughly afterwards.
  • Regular Dental Cleanings – It’s important to bring your child in for regular dental cleanings and checkups. This is a great way to make sure that all of the plaque and bacteria are gone from the mouth, making it easier to maintain.

If your child is experiencing chronic bad breath, please don’t hesitate to contact Great Outdoors Pediatric Dentistry for advice or an appointment. Our office is located in Dover, New Hampshire.

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