What to Expect When Your Children Start Losing Teeth
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What to Expect When Your Children Start Losing Teeth

Child with missing toothChildren are often very excited to lose their first tooth! This usually means a visit from the Tooth Fairy as well as one of the signs of becoming a big kid! Many parents have questions about what to expect once their children begin to lose teeth. While most kids will lose their teeth with no problems, there are a few things for parents to be aware of and look out for. 

Below are a few answers to the common questions receive about what to expect when your child starts to lose his or her teeth. 

Baby Teeth

Your children will begin to lose their baby teeth around the ages of 5-7 and will have lost them all by the ages of 12-13. However, please keep in mind that each child is different and it’s common for children to start losing teeth as early as 4 years old or as late as 8 years old. 

Loose Teeth

A common question we hear is whether or not it’s ok to yank a loose tooth. We recommend never forcing a tooth out. Allow your children’s teeth to be lost naturally to avoid doing any damage to the tooth roots or gum tissue. Additionally, pulling out a tooth before it’s ready to come out may cause an infection. 

When to Visit Our Office

There are rarely any problems associated with losing baby teeth. However, if the adult tooth is coming through and the baby tooth doesn’t fall out within a month or two, it may become necessary to extract the baby tooth. Additionally, if your child complains of pain, swelling, fever, or any other symptoms of an infection, please make an appointment at our office right away. 

For any additional questions or to make an appointment with Dr. Wilson, please contact Great Outdoors Pediatric Dentistry here at our Dover, New Hampshire office.

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