Soft Teeth – Fact or Fiction?
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Soft Teeth – Fact or Fiction?

Several kids huddeled togetherHere at Great Outdoor Pediatric Dentistry, we hear many parents talk about how their children have “soft teeth,” or that this condition has been passed down from parents or other family members. But is there really a condition that can cause your children to be more susceptible to dental cavities and tooth decay? The answer to this question is yes.. and no. 

What Parents Should Know About Soft Teeth 

Most of the people (and children) who suffer from frequent dental cavities and tooth decay actually have completely normal teeth. Their enamel is just as strong and developed as everyone else’s. The most common cause of cavities and decay is improper oral hygiene and at-home dental habits. This means that most of these dental problems are completely avoidable. The number of people who actually suffer from weakened tooth enamel is quite low. 

There is a condition known as amelogenesis imperfecta. This condition causes the tooth enamel to be thin and improperly formed. Because of this, the tooth enamel is often brown, uneven, and appears pitted. People suffering from this condition can experience an increased vulnerability to dental cavities, especially when exposed to a higher number of acidic food and beverages. 

Young children who have perfectly normal teeth will often develop dental cavities as a result of bacteria on the teeth. These bacteria can be the result of improper oral hygiene or from being transferred from the sharing of utensils, toothbrushes, or pacifiers. The best way to prevent dental cavities and tooth decay in young children is by helping them practice good oral hygiene early and often. You should also make sure your child is visiting our office every six months for a dental cleaning and exam. 

To schedule an appointment for your child, please contact Great Outdoor Pediatric Dentistry. Our child’s dental office is located here in Dover, New Hampshire.

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