Can a Rochester Pediatric Dentist Fix Cavities?
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Can a Dentist Fix a Mouth Full of Cavities?

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Nobody likes to discover they have dental decay. However, treating cavities early on during routine dental exams can stop more issues from arising.

A simple dental procedure fixes the small hole that has developed in your tooth. This usually happens because of a disease. The decay is removed and replaced with a special substance. This restores the tooth’s natural appearance and function.

Yes, a Rochester pediatric dentist can fix a mouth full of cavities. However, the treatment depends on several factors. These include the number and severity of the cavities. The dentist also might require a clean bill of health.

Treatment Options for Cavities

Dental Fillings

A dentist will drill out the decaying tissue and fill the hole in your tooth. They will then create customized dental fillings. These are either from tooth-colored composite resin or silver amalgam.

Note: Once the cavity is fixed, the dentist advises to seal teeth of any other molars that do not have fillings. This is a preventive treatment to protect teeth from decay, particularly in children and teenagers.

Fluoride Treatment

Fluoride treatments help restore damaged enamel when teeth start decaying. This process is known as remineralization. It usually involves using prescription toothpaste and mouthwash.

Root Canal Therapy

You probably don’t want your kid to undergo this scary treatment. However, it is better than the cavity affecting the nerves.

Root canal therapy involves removing the damaged pulp from within a tooth. The space is then filled with a special material. It later requires restoration for proper functioning.

Tooth Extraction

In severe cases where the infant teeth cannot be saved, extraction might be necessary.

Cavities can be easily prevented in kids if parents guide them on good oral hygiene practices. These include regular brushing and flossing and annual dental check-ups.

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