Halloween Candy – Are Some Kinds ‘Healthier’ Than Others?
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Halloween Candy – Are Some Kinds ‘Healthier’ Than Others?

Halloween is the scariest time of year! Although, here at Great Outdoors Pediatric Dentistry, we’re more scared of cavities in your little one’s mouth than we are of witches and goblins!

As a parent we’re sure you’ve asked yourself is some Halloween candy is better than others and there are definitely ones to look out for. Luckily, we’ve ranked Halloween candy from the worst to the best in order to better help you to minimize any damage to your child’s teeth.


Caramel, taffies, and anything sticky – these are the worst treats for little teeth! This food sticks to the mouth, exposing each tooth to bacteria for a longer amount of time. Unfortunately these are the bacteria that create the acid that makes cavities. Lastly, these foods pull out any fillings or crowns your little one may already have.

Pretty bad

Suckers, jawbreakers and any kind of hard candies – these candies take a much longer time to dissolve in your child’s mouth, essentially causing the same problem as above. Longer than normal exposure to sugar and bacteria will equal more cavities for your little monster.

Not great

Sour candy – any type of sour candy is very acidic and will raise the PH levels in your child’s mouth. This highly acidic environment will increase the bacteria in the mouth, once again causing more cavities.

Pretty good

Plain chocolate – as long as it has no sticky nougat or caramel filling, chocolate won’t stick to your teeth or overexpose your child’s enamel to sugar. Plain chocolate is the safest choice if you’re craving sweets.

Sugar-free gum – this is the best choice for Halloween candy! Sugar-free gum leaves no residue and is sweetened with xylitol instead of sugar, which bacteria cannot form plaque on!

The best way to prepare for the holiday is to make sure to bring your kids in for a cleaning once all that Halloween candy is gone! To make an appointment, please call Great Outdoors Pediatric Dentistry, located in Dover, New Hampshire.

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